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  • Welcome to Our Project!

    We are the team which is attending "Hackathon 2015, Tbilisi". Our project is called "Social Cube". It can get specific information from different internet services and various social media. The "Social Cube" shines with every notification from the network you have chosen.

    "...touch your social life!"

  • What We Can Do

    Selective Logic

    You choose your favourite social network or internet services, we develop it for your needs.

    Creative Design Development

    You give us your desired design, we create it.

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    Kostava 77,
    Tbilisi, Georgia.
    E-mail: skyflyxxi@gmail.com

  • Our Team

    Dito Shergelashvili

    Giorgi Kvinikadze

    Mikheil Kantaria

    Mikheil Kelenjeridze

    Lead Engineer


    WEB Developer


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